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172 Hours on the Moon – Johan Harstad

I really loved 172 Hours on the Moon, its one of my favorites and OMG I adore this one. Spoilers….. The title pretty much told me this- lets go to the moon, stay for 172 hours.  Lets make a catastrophic mistake and then let the world rant about it.  I am positive everything would fall apart, but lets take that risk and send teenagers along as well. There were scenes which made my jaw drop and I found myself being stuck staring at those pages and hyperventilating. It’s like one of those books, where you know that in the next moment something expected is going to happen –  but when it does and it actually does, you are like WTF!!!!Like on scary meter, this book scared the hell out of me. Like being on the Moon and stranded is one thing, but knowing that you are going to die just takes it to the other level. The tagline on the front cover is just brilliant. I am like obsessed right now, I visualized if I would want to go to moon and like Mia, I hate the idea. Like what am I supposed to do on the moon? Enjoy the view? For one thing,  but apart from that - I got great views on earth as well.  I totally understood where Mia was coming from- forgive me, if I am not into what the whole world feels about. Midori was also an interesting character and loved her attachment to those urban myths. Like you guys would understand what I am talking about once you read it. I think the plot is fast pace and the placement is just great. I love the parts where they showed photographs and everything. It feels like you are on the moon, walking with these characters and you are dazed, speechless. . So guys just read it, awesomeness guaranteed.

Teaser: ” You are the three luckiest people on this planet.”

Me:” Yeah, just lie to their faces. Who cares about them anyways!!!!”

My Ratings:

Five RoboRating

Sky Fall Trilogy- Shannon Messenger

The first book of the trilogy – Let The Sky Fall.  Spoilers…..I enjoyed reading it because it does have a guy POV, and honestly, I like guy POV’s a lot more. I enjoyed the idea of reading about windwalkers. Elemental related books always keep me interested because such plots have so much to offer on basis of pure imagination. I really liked the concept of moving around as wind and then taking human forms for a certain time being. Vane is suffering from that illness - where he knows he is love with the girl he dreams about, and just can’t get it right with regular girls…tsk tsk. I think plot wise betrayals were there but mainly unintentionally, I believe,  it was focusing on the love line more. I enjoyed reading from Vane’s perspective and Audra is interesting as a character as well. The moment Audra tells Vane that he is not a human, and his reaction to everything was quite believable. I get it when the world wants you to be serious, you might see something funny and just laugh your heads off. Character history wise, Audra’s life is completely miserable- continuously being reminded about your mistakes can either make you or break you. I was waiting for the moment when she would recover from that guilt and realize that other factors play much more important role. I didn’t like her mother from the get go, like sometimes how mother’s behave in certain stories just amazes me.

Teaser:” She’s just……Someone from my past.”


My Rating: 3 RoboRating

The moment I stopped reading the first part, I started reading – Let the Storm Break. I think I liked this one more because the characters evolved on a much better pace. I liked Solana and considering the fact that in my head, I thought she would be annoying as hell, she proved to be completely different. Vane can be funny even when the situation is completely different. He just ends up being in his own love bubble and it’s funny how he prioritizes things. Plus, I wanted a love square and Vane gets to choose, I want Audra to choose as well.  I get the fact they chose each other but still it seems a bit too traditional to me. That final fight scene was great and sorry to say I am so not intrigued by Raidan. Like the whole world’s suppose to be afraid of him-The Voldemort syndrome but still as a villain he fails to inspire. I am someone who always supports the villain’s, against all odds but in his case - I am so glad to be on the right team.  I feel like I would just slip out all the details , so, I am going to stop now. I don’t know how I feel about the covers, I like them one second and the next I am totally hating it.

Teaser:”So it’s your Highness now.”

Me:” Royals are back.”

My Rating:

4 RoboRating



Tandem- Anna Jarzab

Tandem from the Many-Worlds Trilogy by Anna Jarzab. Spoilers….. I don’t understand how I end up reading novels involving doubles. Like half the time these day,s the books I have read involve the twins phenomenon, doppelgangers etc.  Not that I am against them, its like in a week, I read three books of that plot and now my mind is not operating. I loved the Twins of Sea of Shadows by Kelley Armstrong but I didn’t like the doubles of Tandem-Someone needs to put sense into Juliana. I am into the whole idea of a separate universe with same individuals and different destiny concept. I believe writing a review on this one would make me spill all the details, but seriously getting kidnapped on your prom by your freaking date-its hilarious, the matter is serious but still its funny. So, I would talk about the romance instead of the plot. Like I understand where Sasha is coming from but still it’s confusing, I feel like she likes Prince Callum as much as she likes Thomas. Which is sad considering she won’t end up with them. Long distance relationships never work and over here we our talking about a different planet. It was an easy read and I think the details involving Tandem were explained in a good way and I have a thing with Time Travel so, obviously I liked it a lot.

Teaser: “I can’t. I wish I was better, but I am not.”

Me:” Try to be, you need to try first…. :O.”

My Rating:

4 RoboRating


The Wicked We Have Done – Sarah Harian

I recently read, The Wicked We Have Done from the Chaos Theory Duology by Sarah Harian. I thought the book would be about witches but it’s not. Spoilers.. The world she has created reminded me of two worlds combined together- Death Race and The Hunger Games. I am not saying that it’s copying the plot or anything its just that the dystopian world is similar. I really liked the plot of determining through machines whether people were truly wicked or it was the situation that made them evil. While writing that line, I knew the system had a problem. How can something measure your insanity or your capacity to hurt someone. It cannot, humans are the most unpredictable creatures and reading about the world that thinks differently was an interesting introspect. The tests were intense and following your trigger object and in turn ending up dead is just crazy.  On the romance side, I wasn’t effected by the couple, like I don’t think the love story was forced or anything but still I am not into the couple. I like the girl a lot, like looking at her personality and individuality, even our lead guy but them together – something’s not right. Otherwise, looking at the plot speed etc ,I liked it a lot.  I won’t say more because I might end up spilling everything.  A Vault of Sins is expected to be published in September – I thought I had to wait a year because this was released in March, but I guess, now I won’t :P.

Teaser: ” Evalyn Ibarra,prisoner number 39286,female number five in Compass Room C. Accounted for.”

Me: “Mental Note: It’s a prison story…”

My Rating:

Five RoboRating

Sea of Shadows – Kelley Armstrong

I read the Sea of Shadows from the Age of Legends trilogy, this would be my first Kelley Armstrong book. Seriously, this cover is so pretty. I really liked the way she has written it, keeping the readers (me) interested till the end. Spoilers……..When I read the first page,I had a feeling that it was a high fantasy novel but it turned out it actually was :P. I liked the plot as well and it was just the right amount of mysterious for me-who doesn’t love a dark forest with crazy magical beings lurking around. Like honestly, when I read high fantasy novels, I feel like I am not keeping up with the characters. It’s just in my head but still. I did like the creatures introduced, and the romance is not the first priority, which is awesome because sometimes on other occasions the love lines feel abrupt. I like both sisters, like one might end up supporting one but I think I liked them both. Also love the change of POV factor which always keeps things interesting. Like the betrayals were just crazy awesome and lets not forget our two guys. It’s a great love square.Overall, I had fun reading it and it wasn’t burdensome. I am excited for the next part.

Teaser: “You let them kill my village. Kill your comrades. Kill my Father.”

Me: “You are so dead.”

My Ratings: 4 RoboRating

Half Bad – Sally Green

I recently read Half Bad from the Half Life Trilogy by Sally Green. It was released this year.  I really enjoyed reading this book, the way the plot unraveled was quite interesting. Spoilers……. I didn’t know that this book was about witches but I knew that I loved the cover. Back to the story, I liked the characters and obviously hated Nathan’s sister. Like the White Witches were hell annoying, I always end up supporting the guys who die in the first book. I really liked the family background and all that dark rich details about Nathan’s father and his Grand Mother.  Plus, I didn’t like our leading lady, which sucks for me, because I do like Nathan’s character a lot. I don’t know why I dislike her, I just didn’t warm up to her. The idea is great, to be the child of powerful witches. In my head Harry Potter kept popping and then I realized the reason why I felt like that. So, if I had to explain Nathan’s background, then in simple words- Lily was married to James but was secretly in love with  Severus Snape and had a love child, that is Nathan. So mom’s a powerful White Witch and Dad has the worst reputation ever. I don’t want to spoil more but I am excited for the next part.

Teaser: ” Please don’t hurt me,Nathan. I know you don’t want to hurt me.”


My Ratings:4 RoboRating

Love Letters to the Dead-Ava Dellaira

Love Letters to the Dead- I was waiting for this books release and deep down I knew that I would love it. I love the cover… Its a book where you study life on  different measures. So, I am going to tell you that this book would mean something totally different to you but for me. It meant that maybe, I am not the only one who feels that life can be a place without a light, until we actually search for that little flicker that makes us smile. It honestly affected me so much, I can’t even talk about it. It’s like I would be describing how beautiful colors are and how breathtaking nature is but when using words sometimes you just can’t describe how beautiful a horizon is or how pretty the ocean looks or how the birds chirp in the morning making you fall in love with dawn. This story is depressing yet enlightening in so many ways. I could relate to Laurel’s thoughts, arguments and desires. I love the idea of writing letters to someone who is dead and you know that they can’t read them, but still you feel like that they will truly understand, what you were saying. Laurel struggles so much it is crazy,  I love what she understood after writing all those letters because sometimes understanding someone else, makes you realize, who you truly are.

Teaser: “I think it’s like when you lose something so close to you, it’s like losing yourself. That’s why at the end, it’s hard for her to write even. She can hardly remember how. Because she barely knows what she is anymore.”

Me: “How do you expect me to stay sane after all of this?”

My Rating:

Five RoboRating

The Syrena Legacy – Anna Banks

  So, I was like dead tired but hell motivated to read. I couldn’t write posts because I had read like nothing, apart from the required education :p… I was pretty damn excited because this would be my first official mermaid trilogy, yayyy…Spoilers!!!!!!! I am going to start with Of Poseidon,  I found the story light hearted and funny. Like I could read it without excessively imaging things even when mermaids were involved :P.. The story took such outrageous turns I was like amazed. Every time I thought finally things are going to make sense and everything would fall back to its place- I was reminded that I was wrong. Half of the time the guy is like, is she like me or is she not?  Lets do a test and we can find whether its true.. and guys, sharks are involved. The love story is like,  watching Vampire Diaries  meets ocean with less vampires. Our lead Elena is bonded to Stefan because they are  supposed to be soul mates and to be married  but she is desperately in love with Damon and she can’t help it, with no vampire because we have Sharks!!!!! Its not a big book or anything you can read it within three to four hours- depending on the reading speed.


“I tried Chloe. But he wouldn’t tell me, so I tackled him.”

  Of Triton, when I started reading it I thought that the story couldn’t take more absurd turns and yet again, I was wrong. Like OMG, the story is ridiculously funny but still I like it, even when it was absurd beyond the realms of this earth. I liked reading it and I am planning to read the next part. As I explained the love story earlier, after reading the second part, I realized  that things were totally different so, I will explain it again. Its like this- Stefan and Katrina are bonded together, they love each other but they fight a lot and accidently Katrina kills Stefan and  thinks that Stefan died because explosions in the ocean are involved, so, she leaves the mermaid world and goes to the land. Where she finds Matt and accidently has a child, that child is named Elena and is not a doppelganger of her mother but when Elena grows up and  she meets Damon, she falls in love with him but the tradition states that Katrina is supposed to be Damon’s bride because Stefan eloped to Caroline. It will make sense when you read the books, I promise…:D


“You’ve done the right thing, Toraf . You are not as foolish as I thought.”

My Ratings(Both): 4 RoboRating


Toxic Heart – Theo Lawrence

I remember writing in my review of Mystic City, that I took a year to read the first part of this duology. Plus, I also remember stating that half of the characters of Mystic City were abnormal-believe me, they don’t have brains, zombies would hate to eat such humans :p . I still stand by that statement and assure you that after reading Toxic Heart, I still believe these characters are crazy. Like I knew, that I liked the world filled with mystics and mysterious powers but seriously!!!! When I was reading the ending, I honestly thought that he is going to write a trilogy. Right now, I have no idea whether he would, but that ending is making me wonder a lot of things. Spoilers…. So, did I like the way Hunter was acting- hell no, as I also figured after reading the synopsis – that Hunter is going to be the most abnormal one, this time around. I think that the story was kind of abrupt this time and that ending was definitely abrupt. I am glad that Aria didn’t let a guy define her but still I feel  like she took a long time to take things into her hands. On the romance side, I was just confused, does she love Hunter or is she having mixed feeling about him because it certainly felt like if she ended up drunk, she might actually go with Turk! :O  the drunk choices are sometimes accurate. Like I am just plainly confused because in Mystic City, I was sure that our second hero was someone else. The thing is when I was reading it, I liked it, I kept reading it because that’s what matters, you wanting to know more but now I am just stuck. Its such an open ending I am just like WHATTTT  T_T …. and like seriously…after everything you want me to be like cool about the ending you wrote? Like honestly!!!! the thing is that I can’t even write a review because if I do, I am practically spilling everything out. I liked it and then I didn’t, its pure I love to hate you feeling - I just don’t know anymore. Things were obvious but then I was reading a book after a such a long time and I knew that I was excited about this one, still, that ending is plain bland. Like I thought, I would get my hands on the third sometime soon ,so, I rated it like 4 because its sort of a cliff hanger. We don’t know about people dying or surviving, we don’t know who’s ending up with the girl and everything else and then they want me to think it a duology. I am just pffftfttt!!! I don’t care anymore……..


   “Goodbye Aria…”

Me: “Seriously!!!!!”

My Rating:4 RoboRating


Montly Wrap Up # 3

Once again, I just managed to read ten books, which is depressing for me on an entire other level but I won’t talk about it. Lets get started with the wrap up and I know, I won’t have much to talk about:(

So, the ones who earned 5Roboratings: Five RoboRating

Shadows, book 2 of The Ashes Trilogy by Isla J.Bick. This women knows how to write confusing stories because I stated reading White Space and I am pulling my hair out. She certainly knows how to keep her readers interested and at the edge of their seats.



The next is a Trilogy I managed to finish- drum roll please…. Under the Never Sky Trilogy by Veronica Rossi. Once again I was left speechless because I fell in love with the trilogy and I adored almost every single character. All three books of the trilogy were granted with 5Roboratings :)



The next in line are the 4Roboraters:  4 RoboRating

I recently wrote the review on Me and Earl and the Dying Girl by Jesse Andrews and it was quite interesting.

Perfect Ruin by Lauren DeStefano would be next on the list because I am dying to read the next part. That ending left many unanswered questions.

3Roboraters: 3 RoboRating

Starters by Lissa Price, a book which left me confused yet I am eager to read the next part because I hate loose ends:/

2Roboraters:  2RoboRating

I didn’t write a review on these books because of the preference issues. I am someone who found these contemporary novels easy read but didn’t left a major impact on my soul. So, if you guys find these covers interesting you can read them and you might like them because preferences are different for everyone.

Babe in Boyland by Jody Gehrman, this was funny and had like too much detail and sometimes too much is just over the top. This reminded me of the movie – She’s the Man .

The Academy by Emmaline Andrews, I didn’t get the whole being in space concept and than going to the academy for the sake of it.

Shut Out by Kody Keplinger. I am reading DUFF and I know my response to that book would be totally different than Shut Out. I just couldn’t relate to the whole storyline.






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