Heir of Fire – Sarah J.Maas

Omg! I love this series. I had high expectations for  Heir of Fire and there were times when I was bothered, I didn’t appreciate how the story continued but at the end of the day ignoring my biases, I enjoyed it. This time we get to see a vulnerable side of Calaena and I have to say it was interesting, at times, I found the pace a bit slow but then after finishing the book, I felt that it was essential. There were things that needed time and I think this book sort of gives us that slow, miserable emotion where you can feel that Calaena’s trapped. Making endless attempts to regain herself. To remember what her beliefs were and to stand by those. Its like everything we had learned from the previous two books came to an extreme turnover,  and you could sense the other characters trying to grasp and to take control over the change,  it was painful.

The new characters were as interesting as the previous ones. It offers a lot of drama and twisted mysteries. I know, I am just talking endlessly about things you can only understand after actually reading the series. So , the point is that check this one out. For those who have already read the first two books- you won’t be disappointed with this one- hopefully.

I think this book was acting like an hourglass for the series,  I believe things will definitely explode in the next part.

Teaser:” To that girl. What are you doing that makes her come in here with such emptiness in her eyes?”

Me:” Yes, what are you doing?”

My Ratings:

Five RoboRating


The Young Elites – Marie Lu

I was a huge fan of the Legend Series and it was a total heart breaker. So, my anticipations for The Young Elites were exceptionally high and I wasn’t disappointed. I don’t even know what to say, it was epic-  just read it already. I am into elemental magic and when you add some creepy stuff into it- it makes my day.

By the end of the book my jaw was no where near my face. The characters were brilliantly portrayed. It was action packed and  the plot was so rich, I am just like what would happen in the next book. My curiosity meter is near a melt down. It reminded me why I enjoyed reading books. Visualizing the world she has created is pure pleasure. I want a show on this book already.

Deception was the core ingredient of this book and sadism is what I eat and breathe. Excruciatingly exciting and written marvellously .

Teaser: “So. Tell me,little wolf. Do you want to punish those who have wronged you?”

Me: “I am thinking about The ORIGINALS NOW. :)”

My Rating: 5 stars

The Kiss of Deception- Mary E.Pearson

Hey everyone! I know its been ages and I haven’t been able to do a single review. At first I was so busy that I wasn’t able to read a single book and even if I had the time to complete one. I couldn’t find the time to write a review. It was so hectic, I am just glad that I was able to do the reviews today.Its a miracle:p.

Lets talk about The Kiss of Deception. I remember clearly that when I started reading the book I had the most irritated expression on my face- not that the first few chapters were irritating or something. Something was wrong with me in general, so I was a bit bothered. I took a while to get into the realm of the book but when I did I enjoyed it. I think plot wise the books pace was effective. The characters weren’t dull they had that click thing which made me want to know more. Midway, I was anticipating what would happen next. To some extent the personalities of the characters are relate-able. In my mind, I would have done the same thing considering the plot of the story. The plot is twisted and mysterious, I adored our female protagonist. I have read a few high fantasies and I had a great time with this one. Fingers crossed for the next one. I am excited.

Teaser: “But the Prince ignored my note,”

Me: “He dares to defy your wishes:P.”

My Rating: 4 stars

In The After- Demitria Lunetta

In The After was a book, I had my eyes on for quite some time. Finally, I got the chance to read it, and it was such a delight. I don’t find myself reading many alien novels and liking them, but I definitely liked this one. I like when books are written in section styles(part 1,2 and so on). I found this one mentally disturbing. I had a feeling how the plot would continue, when I completed midway but I am so happy with that ending. I think the plot has a lot to offer and on different levels. I think that the plot cleverly focuses on every angle, allowing to witness things slowly and gradually, but never going over the top. I loved Amy and Baby’s relationship. The level of stress this book can offer is mind blowing. I think stuff kept happening and not a single moment, I felt the protagonist relaxed. The plot made me feel this- The world turned upside down, turned, twisted and eventually shattered everything left behind. It does have a little bit of Resident Evil feel to it, Resident Evil meets The Walking Dead. Something like that.

Teaser: “I am so sorry that this happened to you.”

Me: “:O”

My Rating:4 RoboRating

Shadowlands, Hereafter – Kate Brian (Shadowlands Trilogy)

I was planning to do a review on Shadowlands Trilogy after I read them all, but I couldn’t wait, so, here I am. I had fun with this one, the plot was interesting and confusing at the same time. I felt like I had to know what was happening-it was like a trance. The beginning was disturbing, but I loved the start. I liked the way the plot unravels. It was creepy, mysterious and frustrating as well- in a good way. I hadn’t expected it to end on the note it did but I was quite satisfied with the ending. That ending gives you shocks in waves. I liked the characters and the plot pace was great. A random note- I like Shadowlands cover more.

Teaser:”He’s killed fourteen girls in ten states. First he stalks them.Then he hunts them down and…You’re lucky you got away.”

Me: “That’s what I was saying.”

After reading the first one, I couldn’t wait to wrap my hands around Hereafter. In the beginning, I felt that I liked the first book more but with time I grew into the plot. This one has its own level of mystery and shock value. I think it was a good continuation of the plot. There were quite a few betrayals that I didn’t see coming. I am more curious about the shadowlands, like I wanna know exactly what it’s like to be there. After reading the end,  I went like- Whaatttttt, its that type of ending where you are just putting the pieces of the puzzle together and banging your head against the wall. The additional thing that I love about both of them is that romance is not the top priority. I love books where love isn’t the main focus of the plot. I am planning to read Endless soon-hopefully.

Teaser: “That wasn’t selfless; that was revenge.”

Me: “He deserved it.”

My Ratings (Both): 4 RoboRating

The Ocean at the End of the Lane – Neil Gaiman

The Ocean at the End of the Lane was everything I thought it would be. I loved reading it and it was just crazy-in a good way. The mystery, creepiness was all amazing. All I can say about this one is to check it out. The plot is amazing, and it is written brilliantly. I felt everything and it was beyond imagination. I loved the ending, hell I loved everything. I hated Ursula, as an adult I am afraid of her. Lettie was such a delight, I couldn’t stop reading once I was fully invested,  just read it and you will understand why I am so in love with this one because words can’t describe how I am feeling.

Teaser: “I thought I told you to stay in your room. And now I find you sneaking around like a drowned sailor.”

Me: “Nooooooo.”

My Rating:

Five RoboRating

The Merciless- Danielle Vega

The Merciless was interesting, the thing about this one was that deep down I knew how the plot would end, but still when I flipped the last page-stared at acknowledgments, I was blown away. It was just crazy, the plot, the characters, and their psyche. I knew that the book would be creepy, but still while reading it, half the time I was trying to bring my jaw back to its place. The characters were Merciless. That ending made my day and I think it had the right amount of gore. Going through the pages I didn’t think that things were over the top, I just had to focus on my breathing. I am so excited for the next book and god knows when it will be out. I just know that there is going to be another book. That was a huge open ending.

Teaser: “Like becoming blood sisters. It’s how we’ll all know you’re in the group.”

Me: “These things never end well.”

My Rating: 4 RoboRating