I haven’t blogged for quite a while and I believe it’s been years since I did my last blog but this year I am planning to be more dedicated to blogging, hopefully. Well that’s enough about me and I need to start talking about why I am actually blogging. I have used the word ‘blogging’ more than once and I surely need to stop, so, here it goes.  It was during December, last year when I went utterly fanatical over books and I have no idea how it happened because whenever I was free I used to paint because painting was something I had loved for quite a while but after my exams, handing over my thesis and art portfolio’s I finally wanted to take a breather from arts in general. I thought I would consume myself by watching movies but I didn’t!! I did watch quite a bunch of movies but then I finally found myself with books my sister had recommended from ages.

So, last year I went through amazing trilogies which made me obsessed, I don’t think that I am obsessive but seriously these characters made me , what should I say?- In love. Yes, I have fallen in love with these amazing characters and I surely want to go and breathe in their world but unfortunately that can’t happen. So, I am going to start with the trilogies which left me heartbroken and 2013 was fun for me until I read those books…: p

So, the first was the Divergent Trilogy by Veronica Roth, I read the first book, Divergent in January 2013. That was the time when I wasn’t reading many books and I felt that book capturing my soul entirely. I had loved the whole concept of factions and I remember the people talking about its similarities with The Hunger Games Trilogy but it was different and it was a good different. I had found myself loving Beatrice and I remember that I kind of did figure out the story, how I thought it might unravel  but even then I didn’t hate the first book and I was pretty sure that I would love to read the second part. Insurgent was a good surprise for me because series tend to lose fun when they reach the second book but the fun and thrill had remained and I had still enjoyed the book. The main problem happened when I finished reading the last book of the series and you know what, I hate crying while reading books. I remember crying when I read the infamous The Fault in Our Stars by John Green but that was understandable.  What I felt while Allegiant ended was this- It felt like someone had stabbed through my heart and kept turning the goddamn knife.  I was pissed and God, it was awful, like really awful but then I watched Veronica Roth’s interview about how she felt about the ending of the series and somehow at the end of the day I had to accept the ending. Being a ‘sadist- ending’ lover I was surprised by my reaction to the ending. So, that was the first tearjerker series of 2013 for me but that wasn’t the last.

After the Divergent Trilogy, I found myself reading the Legend Trilogy by Marie Lu. My sister was in love with this series and after reading the three books in two days I totally understand her now. Legend was also a book for me where I was sure about how the story would unfold but even when you unravel things in your mind things end up differently.

I liked reading Legend and I fairly loved it as well but when I put my hands on Prodigy I was totally immersed in the characters and the story line, that there was no stopping me. I was in love more than once and the funny thing was that I couldn’t decide which team I was supporting but at the end I found myself supporting team June and then came the last page of Prodigy and I was tearing apart. I was thinking not again, please no, have mercy author but like that was helping me.

So, when I was reading Champion I wasn’t talking to people around me, that was insane how indulged I was in the series at that point and my sister was freaking out for a while but then she understood what I was feeling. This series was superb, like beyond amazing and heartbreaking and I will tell you why? The reason it was so heartbreaking for me was that during the first two books I didn’t let the emotions sink into me enough and it was a series where I just remembered reading the words and shutting myself out. In other books I am not shutting myself out, I am sort of experiencing the characters and thinking and understanding their decisions but in this series there was nothing when I was reading them, except the ending of Prodigy. Champion left my jaw dropping down, way down to the floor and I was like Whatttttt!!!! That ending was crazy, like, crazy crazy, and I would not leave spoilers but I couldn’t stop thinking about that goddamn ending. June and Day were everything to me by the end of the series. These series left me haunted and in a good way haunted, like, really amazing.

I would recommend these trilogies to everyone who is searching for a good read because they are worth it and they are freaking amazing. That’s all for today hope you like my sort of reviews but I couldn’t keep it to myself. I couldn’t keep my love for these books to myself. I would go and buy Veronica Roth’s and Marie Lu’s other series and I can reread these books again and again and not hate it. Those of you who have already read them I know we sort of feel the same way…Hopefully…:P

Thanks everyone and that’s it for today…


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