The Amazing Trilogies

The Shatter Me Trilogy by Tahereh Mafi, this series was a staggering surprise for me.  I was hooked to the series from the first book and I am thoroughly anticipating Ignite Me– the final book of the series.  This was the first paranormal, post apocalyptic book for me and I loved it. I liked the pace and how the story progressed and from the first book I was supporting Warner. Adam, on the other hand was an interesting character but still I didn’t leave my Warner ship : p.

By the time I reached book two I decided to read the novella  Destroy Me and God, my support for team Warner reached its peak.  I was super excited when I grabbed Unravel Me and man my teeth were hooked into this trilogy. This is one the series where I just have no words to describe what I went through while I was reading the book but whatever it was, I was left hungry for more- let’s not forget the infamous chapter sixty- two which was pretty much what everyone was talking about.

I read Unravel Me at the start of December, probably, I don’t remember the dates but I just can’t wait for Ignite Me– it is like a two month wait but still it’s a long time for me. I really hope the lead protagonist goes with Warner because if she chooses Adam, I would shatter right there and I don’t want to.

That wasn’t the end, I decided to read Fracture Me, which is from Adam’s point of view, the author just knows how to pull our plugs or my plugs in this case. I was not so into his POV but I was concerned with the story and I just didn’t want to abandon my ship to join Team Adam, not yet!

So, fingers crossed for Ignite Me but one thing’s for sure that epilogue in Fracture Me was everything to me, like literally but I know I would be utterly destructed knowing that it would be last time I would be going through the amazing world of Shatter Me and that is and would be disappointing.

The next trilogy which left me feeling similar things was the Everneath Trilogy by Brodi Ashton. When I was reading Everneath, I loved the development and this was the first paranormal, urban fantasy series I ever read, so, I was pretty excited while I was flipping the pages and progressing through the story. I would describe this series as something that crept from behind me and whoa.

I was anxious to read Everbound and I decided to read Neverfall before putting my claws into Everbound . Neverfall is from Cole’s POV and I am Team Cole in this series so I was just going crazy while reading them.

The reason I fell utterly in love with this series was the freaking last chapter of the book. Those of you who read they know exactly what I am talking about and man, I loved the ending of the book. What Cole did left me, like seriously dude, seriously, but what am I saying I love the character and he is one of the first crazy guys I actually support. It was like someone picked me up and threw me to the floor but amazingly it didn’t hurt. That was exactly what I thought when I read that last chapter.

Evertrue, I want you, like I want my copy, right now, I don’t want to wait— if someone gave that book to me right now, I will worship them- Hahahaha. I just love this series, period.


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