The Pledge Trilogy



The other series I started reading this year was The Pledge by Kimberly Derting. I am new to the whole book reading world so books come out a pleasant surprise for me. Pledge was different and somewhat mysterious. I was curious about Charlie’s world and the whole concept of Essence was interesting.There weren’t any teams to support in this series. I thought that maybe there was a Team Xander but apparently I was wrong. That confusion was cleared in the first book. I am so not interested in two brother’s liking the same girl.

 I really liked the first book but a few days ago I finished The Essence, book two of the series and I didn’t like it the way I had loved The Pledge. So, I don’t know how I might feel about the whole trilogy. Story wise, plenty of stuff was happening but I couldn’t warm up to this book which was pretty upsetting. The truth is that when I started reading The Offering I let go of all my hopes for the trilogy and read it with no expectations. hoping that the final book of the series make some redemption.

The Offering– the last of the series, I got my copy and started reading it. Just after reading the prologue I was literally shocked as hell. The first few pages reminded me why I had liked the series in the first place. All I kept thinking was poor Xander. I am overall satisfied by the ending of the trilogy and there were no loose ends left. The ending was simple, straight and clean. I liked that Charlie was more in control of herself physically, in matters such as self defence. I have always admired her being strong about her decisions, knowing about her wants and not faltering.  Dealing with Sabara could be difficult for anyone.  The book covers are really catchy.


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