Time Travelers

I found out many different things about myself after reading books-like the thing I have with time travel. I didn’t know I had a thing with time travelling but apparently I love time travel books.

Like the series I read recently, which is Hourglass Trilogy by Myra McEntire. So I have no idea where to start but I will start by saying this book is freaking amazing. It is like Doctor Who-meets-Continuum or any other time travel series. I tell you this series is epic.  Hourglass was excruciatingly splendid, like awesome would be the word.

Then I put my hand on Timepiece, I was scared that my sacred ground would be ruined but thank the heavens it wasn’t. I loved Timepiece more than I loved the first book. I was biased towards book two because of my darling Kaleb but I was always Team Kaleb, I believe I was on both the teams. I was two timing and it was interesting..:P

I recently read Infinityglass and I must say that this series was awesome.  I believe that it was a good overall wrap of the trilogy. For readers who love reading time travelling novels, this trilogy should be on their lists. The other thing which I loved about this series was the switch of POV’s.

The other time travel series I read was –The Precious Stone Trilogy A.K.A The Ruby Red Trilogy by Kerstin Gier.  I read Ruby Red, I hadn’t read the synopsis and when I picked the book I didn’t know it was about time travel. It turned out to be a time travel book and yet again I found out about my love with time travel. I loved the book; I was dead tired at night but I remember that I kept reading it and slept only after finishing it.

I have started reading Sapphire Blue– the second book of the series but I haven’t finished it yet. I am super excited about this trilogy. I will read it anytime like I might finish it today, who knows.


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