How Do You Expect Me To Wait???? T_T

Another amazing series I read was The Raven Cycle by Maggie Stiefvater. The first book- The Raven Boys, I am glad my sister made me read this book.This is also a book which left be flabbergasted. I was inexplicably in love with The Raven Boys, loved the concept and I loved Blue. I loved her character, she was smart like word smart and let’s not forget the boys. This book was funny, smart, and mysterious in all the right ways. There were parts in the book where I just stopped breathing for sec or two.

When I started reading The Dream Thieves the second book of the series I had shipped from Team Gansey to Team Ronan. I don’t even know if Team Ronan’s even a team but I don’t care, I am so on it. This book was the best of clairvoyant wickedness I read last year. The ending to this book was wicked, creepy and clever. I can’t wait for book three but these two books were brilliant and yet again I have no words to say. It’s so mysterious that you have no clue what would happen next. I adore the factor that I have no idea how the series would progress further but that’s what I love about books, when I don’t have the gut feeling about what would happen next. Brilliantly written, amazing storyline these books are one of my favorites.

The other series which I love these days is Throne of Glass by Sarah J.Maas .Who doesn’t love assassins or a badass girl? I loved the first book of the series and liked the storylines.  I am Team Prince in this book. I can’t describe this book in words apart from saying it’s badass with mystical stuff happening all around.

The moment I read the Crown of Midnight I was like please, give me the third book already, I want to read more. The unexpected twists and turns made me love these two books and I have no idea how would I wait for almost four years because the series consists of six books and the third comes this year. So this is one of the series I am anticipating. Huge supporter of the Prince and I don’t care about Captain Westfall…..:P

That’s it for today hope you enjoy.


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