The Hybrid Chronicles Trilogy

The other series I read was The Hybrid Chronicles by Kat Zhang. The thing about What’s Left of Me was that it was a different unexpected world. By the way, I love the cover and I know- I usually love the damn covers.  I haven’t read any books similar to its genre but I liked it a lot.  I was in love with the concept, the idea of letting go of yourself for someone who’s a part of you. The story line was unexpected with twists and turns and kept me hooked enough.  I was super excited about the next book and my expectations were preetttyyy high.

When I finished reading book two of the series – Once We Were, I was kind of disappointed. My hopes were way too high for the series and I believe that was one of the reasons I didn’t love the second book that much.  There was huge stuff happening around but I didn’t seem to connect myself to it, the way I had connected with What’s Left of Me. I adored the first book but right now I am not sure if I am so thrilled about the third. I would finish the series but at the moment my heart is shredded into pieces. People who are interested in Hybrid stuff I would suggest to check this series out.


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