The Unexpected Surprises

The first book on the list is Mystic City by Theo Lawrence, I started reading this book back in early 2012 and I never finished the book.  I believe one of the reasons was senior year – high school is hard enough but with arts hanging on my hands, it was bizarre. Thankfully I finished the book last December. I didn’t know I would actually like the book and wait for the second part. There are some books where you are just comfortable with reading the lines and not feel pressured, this is one of those. I wasn’t supporting any teams in this one because the parents were keeping me annoyed , leaving me helpless to choose the team.  Yes, the parents are hell annoying in this book. They annoyed me to the point, where I was actually debating whether they actually need psychiatric help. I conclude by saying that they do need help, even her brother. Every freaking member of Aria’ s life was crazy, apart from Hunter of course. Who knows what if he does change teams from Team Normal to Team Abnormal, the synopsis to book two does suggest that slightly. Yes, now I remember what team I was on, I confidently announce my Team Norm..:p. I guess at the end I was Team Hunter, I am not so sure. I was supporting Romeo for half the book.

Toxic Heart would be released sometime this year, I believe early 2014. I am actually thrilled to read the series. Mystic City was the book where my expectations weren’t high and mighty but this is a book you can read and not hate.

On to the next, the trilogy-Daughters of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor.  This is one of the books where I just couldn’t warm up to the storyline. At the start I was confused that  maybe I am reading a vampire novel but god knows why I even thought that. Totally hilarious because it turned out to be an Angel resurrection book, that’s what I call it. I started liking the book midway  and ,I must tell you, the ending of this book left me like Noooooooooo!!That’s what I said; the ending was epic, epically unreal.  I was so happy after reading the ending, like crazy happy. The book was mysterious and I couldn’t know what I was getting myself into. The ending did make my day.

I have to read the second  book- Days of Blood& Starlight but I haven’t been able to. I do think the covers are staring at you and hypnotizing you, wanting you to read them.

 The final book Dreams of Gods & Monsters, releases out this year and hopefully by that time I would have read the second book. I do recommend this book because I am not so high on Fairies and Angels but I liked the first book.


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