Demon Kissed

The other series which I loved was Demon Kissed by H.M.Ward.  I believe the author did every freaking unexpected thing in the first book and at the end I loved everything about it.  There were times where my jaw dropped to floor, and it was more than once. I think I read all the five books of the series in two or three days.

Cursed– book two of the series was also interesting but things got really creepy by the time I reached Torn. The moment’s when Eric’s character drastically changed made me crazy over the series. He is one of the other crazy guys I love in books and I fairly loved the series.

The favorite ones were Torn and Demon Kissed-one of the reason would be that while reading Cursed and Satan’s Stone, the books ended really quickly. I read them within two hours each. They were quick reads story progression wise in every book something drastic was happening but still the impacts Book 1 and 3 left were stronger.

The 13th Prophecy -the final book of the series was a little unsatisfying for me but then overall I liked it. I wasn’t supporting Team Eric or Collin. I was weirdly on Team Kreturus- it happened, while I was read the last book of the series. I always end up supporting non existing teams. At the end of the day I don’t know why I wasn’t team Eric or Collin. This angel, demon world didn’t irritate me. So there it goes this series is an interesting read and the fact that I didn’t read any other series while reading them is proof enough for me that they are worth the read and you won’t be disappointed. It is creepy and cool at the same and finally there is a series where I don’t like the covers. Woohhoooo…!!


2 thoughts on “Demon Kissed

  1. I’ve not come across this series before! *heads over to Goodreads* It looks like it wold be right up my street. Thanks for this! 😀

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