Anna Dressed in Blood

Yesterday, I started reading Anna Dressed in Blood by Kendare Blake.  I heard a lot of good stuff about this series,so, I decided to read it. The story is captivating from the first few pages. Anna’s character is such a beautiful mesh of darkness and light. I was curious about her, I wanted to know what happened to her. Her storyline was so wicked, creepy that I couldn’t help myself – I was hypnotized by her every action, she was so fierce that made just love this book more. I loved the graphical details about her dress, her beauty and when I read the parts where the truth about her past is revealed- I wanted to cry. This story is earth shattering wickedness. The theme is perfect, the storylines are brilliant. Huge twists and turns and I ended up falling in love. Plus, look at the covers, the creepiness is just coming out.My Rating:Five RoboRating

Girl of Nightmares– this book was as interesting as the first one. Even after I finished the book, I found myself thinking about Anna. Her character is just stuck in my brain. The ending was so melodramatic and I wanted more. I wanted to know more about Anna’s life, I wanted to learn more about Cas but sadly it just ended. The ending was not satisfying at first but then I read it again and I realized that there was no better way to end the series. Yes, I was hugely disappointed by the end but then I accepted it. One thing for sure is that this horror filled story is just beyond amazing. Two books and my heartbeats were stolen, awesomeness guaranteed. My Rating: Five RoboRating


4 thoughts on “Anna Dressed in Blood

    1. I totally understand where you are coming from but in these cases, us readers have no option other than believing the storylines which are presented to us. ;).
      The part where she was ripping off the guy, Cas was just amazed by the fact that she didn’t kill him at first. She kind of let him live. For him, maybe, that was the moment of realization that she is capable of doing good things. If she decided to stop killing people. 😛 I believe the real fascination happened midway. I think he was obsessed with her at the start but than realized that, maybe, it was something else. In my opinion, maybe, Cas just saw something which was beyond sight at first. He was just curious about everything she possessed. He truly saw what was happening to her on the inside rather than the cruelty she was covering herself in.Sometimes there is no black and white, you have to see the gray. He wasn’t attracted to her from the get go. He knew something was off about her and maybe he wanted to believe that she could be someone better if she had the chance to do so. Even if she wasn’t in the same realm as him.
      Hahaha this was long 😛
      Thanks for stopping by, ellis. 🙂

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