I read Fracture by Megan Miranda sometime last week. When I picked Fracture I didn’t know that after reading the first two chapters I would be dying for more. The moment I finished reading the first two chapters, I started reading Eleven Minutes– novella of Fracture.

This is from Decker’s POV, about what he felt as he saw Delaney fall through ice. I liked it a lot, I liked Fracture a lot as well. Half of the time, I kept thinking what’s happening to her. She was miserable after the accident and her whole life was literally shattering around her. I kept thinking who’s the good guy in this book? I was mesmerized by the story and I ended up liking the story a lot. The moment you think you got the hang of the story, things change drastically and tensions rise up. The story kept me confused, half expecting and then when the book ended I realized that’s what was happening. 😛 I always support the crazy guys but in this book, I found out that it doesn’t happen all the time. I was on no team again, I just wanted the girl to survive. My Rating:   Five RoboRating

Vengeance is expected to be released this year. I am excited about unraveling this story. The tag line just makes me want more.


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