Did That Just Happen?

The other book I read was from the trilogy The Darkest Minds by Alexandra Bracken. This book was so confusing, at the beginning I couldn’t get a single thing. The world they have created is just beyond imagination, I  don’t want to live in that world – hell no. The storylines are disturbing, I kept thinking poor things. The thing with this book is that it is addictive, after reading a few chapters, I couldn’t stop myself. I believe I went through every word while reading it. Mind control always sounded wicked but this book made me truly believe that mind control is wicked. The idea and themes are just perfect. They don’t spill enough beans until you reach half way. All in all this book was brilliantly written. Plus, I am on no teams.

I have to read the second part- Never Fade. I am extremely excited. Book three is going to be released sometime around this year. Fingers crossed.

Why We Broke Up by Daniel Handler, Maira Kalman.  While reading this book I kept getting the Deja Vu feeling, ooopss. This book was plain honest and straight forward. The relationship that is disclosed to us, I believe every other girl has been through it ,once or more than that. That ending reminded me exactly of something that I did.  Relationships are always hard and breaking up is probably harder than actually being in a relationship. The sad truth is that once all the bad stuff has happened and you have decided to let it go, you realize that some part of you just vanished – disappeared and you just can’t have it back. I believe that the story is believable, relatable and truthful. For me it was blatantly honest.




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