When I started reading Juliet Immortal by Stacey Jay, I was so fascinated by the twisted story. Romeo and Juliet’s perfect story is presented to you in such a form, that you just cannot resist. The epic love story turns into epic hatred. I was in love, with the idea of them desperately wanting to kill each other. It was crazy, and it was sad, how Juliet felt about everything Romeo did to her. It was utterly disturbing. They were the obsessive about hurting each other.It was a fun read, I just kept reading and didn’t feel burdened by the storylines. The book is confusing at parts but at the end you do get the whole picture. The ending I was expecting was different so the ending came out as a surprise. My Rating: 4 RoboRating

After reading the first part, I was somewhat excited about Romeo Redeemed. I liked this book more than the first. Romeo trying to be the good guy and it’s funny. In the first book, I was just rooting for the crazy guy but in this book I was actually  supporting Romeo. There were parts where Ariel’s drastic changes made my jaw drop. I don’t blame her or Romeo. Romeo being in miserable circumstances and trying to figure his way out, without actually destroying everyone around him. I was kind of surprised by storylines, again. The ending also made sense and the little bit of confusion which was there at the end of book one is completely cured. I really enjoyed reading these books. My Rating: Five RoboRating

The next is the Lunar Chronicles Trilogy by Marissa Meyers. Cinder book one, Cinderella in the sci fi world. I liked the retelling because growing up I wasn’t a huge fan of Cinderella. Maybe, I was more into Beauty and the Beast. I liked the whole idea of the book. I loved the whole technology and Iko obviously. The love line is kind of predictable but I still liked the book a lot. The storylines draw you in and you end up wanting more.  The story is kind of mysterious and the truth is revealed in the last few chapters. Before that you do keep wondering what would happen next. My Rating:4 RoboRating

The other day I found myself loving the Spanish cover man its soo pretty. How can you not fall for this cover?

I have to say Scarlet was more badass, it was a brilliant mesh of both worlds. I didn’t expect things to change so drastically. I found myself routing for Wolf and Scarlet. Scarlet’s storyline was just brilliant, it was unpredictable. I wasn’t sure if Wolf was the good guy or what? The twists and the betrayals just kept coming. Then I loved how Cinder’s story line incorporated with Scarlet. I loved everything about this book. Do check this series out, you will love it.  My Rating: It is more of a 4.5 4 RoboRating

Excited for Cress, it is about Rapunzel. Fingers crossed.


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