The Lynburn Legacy

When I started reading Unspoken by Sarah Rees Brennan. I was hooked to the whole story, the mysteriousness, the imaginary friend. I liked the idea, it was creepy but it was cool. When the storylines started to unravel I wasn’t hating the book. I liked it, but then when the end came and the final truth was revealed, I felt like slapping someone. Actually I felt like slapping Ash, I couldn’t. If I had the chance to do so I would certainly go and put some sense into him. I always support the other guy, but in this series no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t support him. I wasn’t supporting Jared. I wasn’t supporting anyone at the end of the series. That just happened! I hated Rob as well, no doubt but he is just on the spectrum I can’t talk about. Kami’s character was interesting but her charm kept fading away. I was like forcing myself to like her. Man, I am always on the girls team but in her case. In this certain case I was not supporting anyone.I kept wishing someone please, put sense into them. There were parts which made me like the story, which made me want to read the next part but character wise. Character’s sensibility wise my rating would have been much lower. Theme, originality of the concept, the whole linkage thing, imaginary friend made it a 4 . My Rating: 4 RoboRating

That wasn’t the end. I was kind of hoping about falling in love with Untold. I was hoping that Ash would be at least sensible in this part, but man I was sooo wrong. His character just boils my blood. This series in general started to boil my blood. All the little epic moments of book one are ruined in this book. I wanted to kick Jared, I wanted to punch Ash, I wanted to pull Kami’s hair out but I just couldn’t. I have no idea how I am even writing a review about this series. Unspoken was crazy good with the linkage scenario but the character’s behaviors and personalities made me want to punch someone.In the second part the storylines were just Luke warm. I was so hoping to fall in love but I just didn’t. You guys can check this series out and some of you might even like it. It’s not the one I am into. I would read the final book but as for now. No hopes or expectations. My Rating: 3 RoboRating


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