The Selection

When I started reading The Selection Trilogy by Kiera Cass, my expectation weren’t high. I wanted to read a book and I just picked it up. At the beginning, I didn’t know how I felt about the characters or the storyline. I hated Aspen, not inspired by their love story. I liked America because she was blunt. At the start it did seem like she knew what she wanted. She plated it all out and she weighed her options. Would I want to exist in the world Kiera has created, no, I would not. Would I like to watch it on T.V- Yes.  The storylines are predictable but I did ended up liking it, somehow. I didn’t hate reading it. I wasn’t pissed at anyone-mostly. So I liked in general. My Rating: 4 RoboRating

Then I read the novella- The Prince. I was supporting the Prince in book one and somehow I didn’t hate the novella, I wanted to know what was going through his brain.

Would I read the other novella- The Guard , which is from Aspen’s POV-no. His character plainly boiled my blood. I hate guys who can’t decide what they want.

When I was reading Elite, I know I didn’t hate Elite apart from the point where Aspen is introduced as the guard. Spoiler- sorry. Over all I didn’t hate it. It the most common story of all times, predictable – yes. Do you end up reading it-yes. Still, I didn’t hate the storylines,  I did read the book. Writing a review about this series is hard because I might end up telling the story :P. My Rating: 4 RoboRating

  I am excited for- The One, I want to know how the trilogy would end. Fingers crossed. I do love the covers. The whole glass effect at the back is pretty awesome.


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