Recently Read

The first on the list is The Fury Trilogy by Elizabeth Miles.  I thought the story was about teenagers-doing what teenagers do mostly, so, I thought maybe it was just a regular story. It has that Final Destination vibe all over it. Trying to cheat death, that’s what I concluded.  I kept wanting to put some sense into Emily but I couldn’t. At the end, I was glad she understood things, which were right in front of her. Turns out, the book was about The Furies. I won’t say more because saying that the book is about Furies is a major spoiler. I didn’t think that it was about Furies, don’t know why- even when Fury is written on the cover, how clueless can I be? Over all it was an easy read. I liked the ending a lot and I liked the whole concept as well.

I liked the book and I am eager to read the next part- Envy.I currently have no huge expectations from the trilogy, in my case having expectations doesn’t help a lot. My Rating: It was a 3.5 3 RoboRating

The other book, I read is Eden Trilogy by Nicole Williams. Reading this book I felt like OMG, is it Twilight. The thing was half of the time, I was expecting the Vampire Bomb would be dropped over so I had my toes curled. I so didn’t want it to be a vampire book. These days I am totally over vampires, totally into witchcraft. So, the point was that it was about immortals – Thank God. The immortals do have vampirish powers, but I liked the book. My first book about immortals, I was meant to like it. There was a lot of stuff which happened in the first book, that I had expected to happen in book two. Overall, I liked the book, themes and storylines, there are jaw dropping moments.  My Rating: 4 RoboRating

The next was, Paper Gods Trilogy  by Amanda Sun. I remember my sister being in love with Ink , so, I decided to check it out. I liked the story lines and themes but the only problem, I had was the whole Japanese infusions in the story. I felt like I was in Japan having a language barrier. Which is amazing, that I felt like I was there but when I was reading the book, I didn’t want to feel that. I guess, whenever I felt that I can relate, the whole, being in Japan dropped over me and I was left thinking- Why??Otherwise I loved the whole concept. The jaw dropping moments and the characters. These days something which is different, yet original makes you head over heels for it. My Rating: 4 RoboRating

The next is, The Cahill Witch Chronicles Trilogy by Jessica Spotswood. Born Wicked was surprisingly fun to read. I enjoyed knowing the characters and I loved Cate. Witches are my new infatuation, so, obviously I was in love with the whole theme. I didn’t expect myself to like the book, but I did.

Excited for Star Cursed and finally I had a Team to support. I am proudly on Team Finn. I just knew I had to be on that Team. Don’t know why Paul’s character didn’t woo me. My Rating: 4 RoboRating



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