George Orwell- 1984

Yesterday, I read George Orwell’s 1984. When I started reading the book, I didn’t know that after reading it, a piece of me would be left behind. I have no idea, no clue, about how to express what I felt while reading this book. I didn’t know what I had gotten myself into and surely didn’t think that this story would be stuck in my mind like a piece of glue. So for starters, did I like the world George has created, no- I wouldn’t even want to drop dead in it.  I don’t even wish to breathe in that world; I am scared to breathe in that world. That is what this book has done to me; it has frightened the hell out of me. I wasn’t the one being tortured but yet, it feels like I must have been. Otherwise why would I even feel like an empty person? This book sadistically tortures, that you don’t even know whether you love it or hate it. I believed in being negative, I live on being a pessimist- journey of my life. This book just shows you that there is no light at the end of the tunnel. The questions, I asked myself while reading this: the arguments I had with myself while I went through the words made me think, made me think hard about what I would have done. The blunt truth is that the way it ended was exactly how I must have ended it- if it were me. Breathing in that world; that ending would have been exactly the story of my life. This book is beyond creepy; the terms Doublethink, Brotherhood, Big Brother are just stuck in my brain. Room 101– I don’t even wish to know my greatest fear. All and all I don’t desire to talk about this book. It left me speechless, for a while I kept staring at my own hands making sense of whatever that happened right in front of me. I would recommend you to read this book because beyond the sadism, lies the truth we all fear to see. I have accepted the circumstances portrayed because I believe this is exactly where we are heading. No matter, how hard I close my eyelids the truth would still exist and torture the very soul. The storylines are so cleverly portrayed and put into words that for a second I do ask myself whether this has happened or is it actually going to happen. This time it must happen to other people.  This story has spread into my veins like a disease, a disease I want to cure. The only problem is that would I want to be cured. The trauma given to Winston; it felt like I was the one being traumatized. I do feel like my soul has been scarred, I feel like it has been scarred for eternity. One thing for sure is after reading this book the only thing I felt was hatred. Hatred because at the end of the day you do believe in the world they have created.

Ministry of Love works on the principles of Learning, Understanding and finally Acceptance. The Big Brother believes in Power, Power and ruling which would come from hatred; the only thing we would love is Big Brother.  My Rating: 2+2=5

Five RoboRating



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