Evertrue- Brodi Ashton

Spoiler Alert!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was literally dying to read Everture by Brodi Ashton. The final book to the Everneath Trilogy. I was trembling when I had my hands on the book. I knew, that I should have kept my expectations low but I was on Team Cole. I wanted a goddamn happy ending with Cole in it. I was desperately hoping that my evil guy would get the girl of his dreams but I was wrong.  I was destructed when I read the last few chapters of this book. I had expected this ending way before anything, but to actually see it come true was heart breaking. I get the fact that this was the only logical ending but I was so disappointed. I never liked Jack, I was irritated when he survived the tunnels and came back. The last chapters of Everbound were so amazing, mind blowingly insane, I was literally picking my jaw off the floor. I think the final book was pretty interesting, but did I like the ending- noooooooooo. I loved how Cole was portrayed in a different light, good or bad I was still on his Team. I think if I don’t stop now, I will end up summarizing the book and I hate giving spoilers and I might have dropped the biggest bomb already. If you are on Team Cole, get ready for the tragic ending. Dear Author, Why would you want to end the trilogy like this? Deep down I am glad that Cole didn’t suffer anymore but still, Whyyyyyyyyyyyyy? I should go now, to pick the broken pieces of my heart. 😥

My Rating:  4 RoboRating


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