Hereafter- Tara Hudson

I started reading Hereafter Trilogy by Tara Hudson. After reading Anna dressed in Blood, I had an attachment with ghosts. I had enjoyed reading the characters. I liked the whole idea of Amelia not knowing what actually happened to her, her past or even her full name. I liked the story progression and when you have already read a book of certain  genres, you end up finding similarities between books, unconsciously. I am glad that I didn’t feel that Deja Vu feeling. I liked the storylines, Amelia’s character was pretty interesting. I also liked the concept of the ghostly glow and the first few meetings with Joshua were interesting.  I was actually more curious about Eli’s character. I am always on the wrong team, I was Team Eli. I didn’t think that Joshua was irritating but for some reason, I end up supporting crazy guys. I think it was a different retrospect about afterlife and I like it. My Rating:

4 RoboRating

When I started reading Arise –  didn’t lose my interest in the characters which usually happens in certain books.  I believe that what happened to Amelia was depressing and knowing certain aspects of the story, I should have switched my teams but didn’t. I was kind of disappointed because Eli’s character is really on the down low. The new characters introduced were interesting and creepy. I liked the fair share of dark magic and I didn’t expect the book to end on that note. Totally curious about how the trilogy is going to end, I have started reading Elegy but haven’t finished it yet. Fingerscrossed. My Rating:4 RoboRating


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