Angelfall- Susan Ee

I read Angelfall by Susan Ee from the series Penryn & the End of Days, in the first week of January. Someone recommended this book to me, so, I decided to read it. I think I have said it a couple of times already that I am not into Angels and Fairies- It’s sad, I know but I am into dystopia, so this book kept me interested. I don’t know why I was so confused, while I read the first few chapters. I take like a hell lot of time to adjust to books of this genre and I didn’t fell for the characters at first. I started liking it midway, but this book was interesting in it’s own way. The plot gets really intriguing and creepy by the end. I wasn’t into Raffe, I don’t get it why I don’t like Angels, Gahhhh. I was gladly on the Penryn’s Team, I adore her. Overall, I really liked the plot and loved the last few chapters, creep meter was way above hundred. Even if you don’t like Angel books like me, I think you would like this book because I believe the plot has a lot to offer. I started reading World After but something happened and it’s now in my currently reading list. I thought this was a trilogy but it turns out to be a series of five books. I think a lot of creepy stuff would happen in the next books so I have my Fingerscrossed- so excited. The cover is pretty cool. My Rating:

4 RoboRating


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