Altered- Jennifer Rush

I read Altered by Jennifer Rush, like literally right this second and I couldn’t wait to write the review.I had no idea I’d enjoy this book so much, the moment I found out that there was a lab involved, my interests heightened. Being someone with immense interest in Psychology, we are all about control tests, subjects and concerned about our tests reliability and validity. The whole lab environment and observations were pretty easy to comprehend.I got the whole Kyle XY vibe from the first few chapters. The book ended pretty quickly or maybe, I wanted to know what was happening in their world – so much is happening. The plot was so epic, completely mind blowing and totally unexpected, I didn’t even see it coming. They did everything in this book, the twists and turns just kept coming and the intensity. There were so many jaw dropping moments, I was literally like-seriously putting my jaw back in it’s original place. I think I didn’t see the whole Alpha programming to turn out like the way it turned out, I didn’t think Anna was such an important aspect plus everything involving Sam was just sad. The whole time, I kept saying poor guy but when everything  is revealed I was like- OMG, then I was like poor Anna. I felt for Sam but still I didn’t support his Team. I find it really hard to appreciate his and Anna’s love story because its going toward more tragic endings. Once again I am on the non existing Team which involves Nick. The guys were great but I just wanted Anna to be with Nick, which can’t seem to happen because they are so not into each other:( :P. Back to serious nodes, after the whole revelations I don’t think any one of them could lead on to live a normal life- with the craziness its impossible. This book has the plot that doesn’t wash from your memory.The ending was action packed and completely suspenseful. I was visualizing everything and man, I would love to see a movie on this. Check this trilogy out, you won’t be disappointed if you are into Sci-fi or God knows what’s happening- because after book one I already have my hands on you- Erased. My Rating:

Five RoboRating


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