Carrier of the Mark- Leigh Fallon

I recently read Carrier of the Mark by Leigh Fallon from the Carrier Trilogy. The only thing, I knew about this book was the factor that the plot was related to magic. I found the story lines to be thrilling and amusing. I know that I am a die hard fan of witchcraft books but this one has the whole elemental thing going on as well. The storylines kept me interested from the first few chapters, it was a perfect blend of normal and mystical stuff. I knew that magic was involved but I was still mystified by the things happening around Megan when Deris’s were involved. That crow was hell creepy and let’s not forget the monk. Megan’s life was a whirlpool of creepiness until she discovers the truth- even after that. I really liked the plot because I wasn’t burdened by the magical stuff,  I have to say the elements just won my interest – totally. Spoiler,  Megan and Adam’s love story is  painful- in a good way. For a moment they reminded me of Edward and Bella when they went all like I was trying to resist you, but I won’t anymore. I don’t know why I wasn’t reminded by any other couple who faced similar circumstances. No wait; I remember now, the couple from Eden Trilogy by Nicole Williams face similar circumstance, Bryn and William. I remember posting that their love story reminded me of Twilight. Back to Megan and Adam, I know when you can’t be with a certain guy, you still end up being with him despite everything else. I think it was funny to see a casual love story when stuff wasn’t actually normal around them. I really liked Megan but I wished that she exuded more confidence in herself. I don’t know if it was my mind playing tricks with me but I felt she should have been a little more in control but I know character wise her personality changed a lot. I was weirdly on Rain’s Team and I know that’s not going to happen. It’s not a book about two brother’s liking the same girl but still I am on a non existing Team:). It was fun to read this book and sometimes you just want to read a book that doesn’t leave you empty inside. I haven’t recovered from the trauma, I received from George Orwell’s-1984. So, I was glad that this book didn’t take everything from me. The final few chapter when Megan unleashes her full power was my favorite because just to see the extent of her power, visualizing it was epic. I am planning to read Shadow of the Mark, I am hooked into the trilogy.

My Rating:  4 RoboRating


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