The Clockwork Angel- Cassandra Clare

My sister is a huge fan of Cassandra Clare and she kept insisting that I should read The Mortal Instruments Series and The Infernal Devices. I started reading Clockwork Angel last year but I don’t know, it stayed on my currently reading list for such a long time. Every time I opened the book, I used to stop reading after the prologue. I urged myself to finish the book and Cassandra Clare has a huge fan base. Honestly, maybe I was trying to protect myself from being disappointed. I had no expectations form the book but after reading it, I am so not disappointed. I read the first chapter, that’s all it took for me to fall for this book,  I was hooked into the book. Tessa is such a wonderful character and man her power is so ridiculously awesome, I have no words. The world Cassandra has created is  spectacular, I just can’t even think about visualizing it without ruining some sort of detail. The storylines are so brilliant, written perfectly and the chemistry between Will, Tessa and Jem is like crazy. I was in love with Will the moment he appeared in Tessa’s room. I have admired Tessa personality so much, she is like the perfect girl, strong-willed and still vulnerable. Will’s character stole my heartbeats and lets not forget Jem, I couldn’t decide which Team to support. I desperately wanted to support both of them but then Will is just amazing. He is the perfect crazy guy. During the first few chapters so much was happening that I was amazed. The plot is so thrilling, captivating that I have no words to describe anymore. I want to see a drama on this book cause making a movie would be disastrous because they wouldn’t even be able to cover every freaking amazing moment of the plot. The plot is a beautiful disaster of epic proportions. I haven’t read Mortal Instruments  Series but I get why the whole world is crazy about the world Cassandra has created. There were so many things I loved,  I might end up giving spoilers. That ending; my jaw dropped , unexpected things were happening. I was on the verge to scream during the last few chapters. All and all, I loved the book and I am crazy about this love triangle. Forget the love triangle, the plot with the whole magical, mystical stuff happening it’s mind blowing. I am glad, that I read this book during my crazy phase of falling in love with magic, steampunk novels are my new addiction.


“Well, if she isn’t human, Enoch, what is she?”  The voice sharpened in impatience. “What do you mean, you don’t know? Everyone’s something. This girl can’t be nothing at all…..”

“Me: Yes, what is she? :P”

My Rating:Five RoboRating


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