Born at Midnight- C.C.Hunter

I read Born at Midnight by C.C.Hunter from the series Shadow Falls. It is about a girl who’s shrink recommends her parents to send her to a camp. Kylie is so dramatic, her character is really relatable, I loved how she saw everyone around her in that oh so dramatic light. Spoilers, I liked the whole mysterious stalker thing being the reason her mother sent her to a shrink. Thinking she is trying to gain attention because of the nasty divorce, girl I feel sorry for you. I have to say I didn’t see the whole paranormal world being dropped onto Kylie on the first day of camp- that is being dropped on me, I knew some paranormal stuff would happen like ghosts but man there are shape shifters as well. Classic as always, we have no idea about Kylie’s special gifts and what she is. Five books of the series are meant to help us with that. I loved the side characters as well and Della and Miranda were extremely hilarious. This book was light hearted and funny, I have no idea which guy I am supporting. Right now, I don’t think I am into any one of them, A Fae and A Werewolf-such hard choices but I do want a vampire guy as well. You know to toughen the competition. I can’t actually describe how I felt about this book because if I do then I am practically revealing everything. I need to stop this, I know that the first book was interesting in its own way, mysterious as well and I plan on reading the next book of the series soon. I just hope college doesn’t swallow me whole.

Teaser: “We’ve all read about the supernaturals, things of legends, and from childhood, we’re taught that they don’t exist. The truth is that they do exist. Not everyone in the world is alike. And some of us are a lot more different than other. Some of us are born like this, some of us were changed. But no matter how this happened to you, if you are here it is because this is your destiny. It was chosen for you.”

Me: Congratulations Kylie, You are not crazy. Not entirely though :P.”

My Rating:                  4 RoboRating


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