Shadow of the Mark-Leigh Fallon

I read this book because I was doing the Birthstones Color Parade challenge and well, February was Amethyst. I was planning to read it when I finished the first book but I wanted to wait a little because we are still not sure when the final book is going to be released. The cover’s not even out yet, so, now I am in big trouble. Shadow of the Mark was as interesting as the first one. The story progressed  at a good pace and grew intense. Spoilers……The fact that their powers grew stronger every minute and Megan and Adam couldn’t be together cause she was practically, subconsciously taking his elements power. The attraction between the elements grew stronger by the second and it was like they were under an attraction spell. For a moment my non existing Team Rian had a chance to be with the girl. I was shipping them too hard, sadly, they came back to consciousness and realized that something is totally off. I don’t know how I feel about the Knights, I am not sure I like Chloe enough. The time where Megan accidently kills Adam and takes his element was a shocker, I liked that part a lot. In the dream state she was seeing him but still I felt sorry for them. You guys need to break up, you are literally killing each other. The last chapters were really interesting with the whole rituals and stuff. This book didn’t bore me and it was easy to read. I am waiting for the next part because I totally loved the ending.

Teaser: “Do what? Ignore this thing  going on between us? Ignore the fact that when I’m with Chloe, I have to push images of you out of my mind? Get over the near-murderous thoughts I have towards Adam every time he touches you? Do you know how screwed up this is, Megan? Whatever you’re doing, stop it.”

Me: Seriously, guys just get together. Megan, ditch Adam and be with Rian:p.”

My Rating:           4 RoboRating


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