Blood of Eden-Julie Kagawa

Hey, so it’s been a while since I have done a review. It’s been almost two weeks and I practically read just four books. That is sad but back to the process of reviewing. I read The Immortal Rules by Julie Kagawa. Someone recommended this series, so, I decided to read it. I was damn sure that I am so over Vampires, but after reading this book; I was reminded that I still like them. I really liked the writing style and I did like the characters. I was supporting Kanin, I did like Zeke but still ended up rooting for Kanin. The first book had a lot to offer and there were many parts which I liked a lot. Especially the fighting scenes. The other thing that I loved about the book was that the way the vampires are described-  it is very traditional. I started reading Black City by Elizabeth Richards recently and its about vampires and her vampires are different, scientifically:P

Back to Blood of Eden, my point is that I like the general idea of the vampires we have in our heads normally soo, I liked that a lot. There is a lot of science involved in Immortal Rules as well but still I like these vampires more. Reading this book felt like I was reading a Japanese horror Manga.

My Rating:Five RoboRating

I really loved Eternity Cure’s cover and its really pretty. I loved the second part more, which is great for me. I really hated Stick in the first book and he just boiled my blood in this one as well. Desperately wanted to slap him, and poor Kanin. I was excited to have more Kanin in this book. My heart stopped when he started feeding on Allison. The whole sibling situation was interesting and let’s not forget the betrayals and Zeke’s character also evolved at a better pace. I am actually excited for the next part, because that ending was epic.  Fingerscrossed. My Rating:

Five RoboRating

The final book cover.. Its interesting.


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