Vicious by Victoria Schwab

OMG, Spoilers…….. after reading the first few chapter; I was completely, utterly sold. Vicious is brilliantly written..I loved the characters so much. I have to say;  I was supporting Victor’s character but then when I read about Eli, I just couldn’t choose. Reading about Eli’s character, I felt like laughing, like how a crazy person would. He reminded me of pure evilness which I have always admired. Eli Ever, God , he was such an interesting character. His behavior towards the EO’s and himself was just beyond amazing. I really enjoyed reading his side of the story. These guys are wicked smart.Serena’s character was badass, I loved her attitude, her power was awesome, dude I was mortified when I read The Darkest Minds by Alexander Bracken, that book had loads of mind control but in this book, Serena’s power is just the next best thing. Sydney’s character reminded me why I am in tuned  to witches. The plot is just marvelous, breathtaking and jaw dropping. I wasn’t breathing when I was flipping the pages and that’s how cool this book was. I was reminded of the time I read 1984 by George Orwell because those characters and these characters are just stuck in my brain. The way it is written, it is so intense, epic and surreal. I have no words to describe what I felt reading this book. It felt like I murdered someone and had their blood on my hands but still the person I killed for was the greater evil and from everyone’s perspective, whatever they were doing made more sense and logic.It is a stand alone but man I don’t care, I would have loved it even if it was a trilogy. I want to know more about Victor Vale because his character is brilliantly written. Not just his character, I loved every single character. Serena, Sydney, Mitch and everybody else.  Those last chapters, forget the last chapters, the whole book was amazing. Definitely going to recommend it. I have started reading The Archived by Victoria Schwab, I love her writing skills.

Teaser:  “You remember me, and I’ll remember you, that way we won’t be forgotten.”

Me: Are you kidding me? Yes, you won’t be forgotten. “

My Rating:

Five RoboRating


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