Erased- Jennifer Rush

I clearly remember how much I enjoyed reading the first book of the series (Altered) ; I was a bit worried when I started reading Erased but after reading it, I think I was worried for no reason. I really enjoyed the second book. Spoilers… I really wanted Nick and Anna together but then I don’t hate Sam, so, I am fine with the whole love story. Coming back to the sibling issue, I was really shocked about Dani’s character, even  when  her character was introduced in the first book. I wasn’t expecting to read more about her, but she was interesting. Like, the whole reasoning behind the program, how Anna got involved and why everyone was acting in certain ways. I have to say, I feel like the first book was more action packed or maybe it’s just me but I believe this book offered more on emotional levels. The whole history and in depth details about Anna and Dani’s past. I liked the plot and the pace in general. I won’t talk about Cas and Trev because if I do, I might be revealing everything but I liked the whole way the concept of Erased was pursued in the plot. I didn’t feel pressured going through the story lines and that was great for sure. I am excited for  the third book and obviously I am biased because it is Nick’s POV and I really like his character.

Teaser: “You are trying to tell me  our parents didn’t notice their daughter coming home with no memories?”

Me: “What’s going on?”

My Rating:

Five RoboRating


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