The Way We Fall- Megan Crewe

Last year, I read The Fifth Wave by Rick Yancey, I have no clue why I didn’t love that book, there were aliens involved and still I didn’t love it :(… I am actually disappointed. I might read The Infinite Sea, I should read it, who knows I might love alien’s this time around. Back to this book, I was extremely worried when I started reading The Way We Fall. Like sometimes, this genre of books fail to inspire me on a personal level even when they are miraculously emotional- the problem lies with me. I was actually scared while flipping through the pages waiting for the exquisite moment of being disappointed. This book has a lot to offer; the plot is really interesting, a medical outbreak, the world is on the brink to end, everyone’s dying and it’s like serious post apocalyptic stuff. I liked the plot and I liked the way it was written. While reading this book there were moments which reminded me of some dark times that I experienced in my life recently and I was emotionally attached. I am trying so hard to write a review where there are no spoilers involved. I have to write a review with no spoiler:)… So I really liked Leo’s character and it was fun to read from him perspective. I am actually planning to read the next part so I am excited. That’s it, I can’t say anything else other than that I liked it a lot…

Teaser: “Most people think the scariest thing is knowing that you’re going to die. It’s not. It’s knowing you might have to watch every single person you’ve ever loved-or even liked-waste away while you just stand there.”

Me:   “Drew, I am sorry, I am but you have to understand that I am not crazy- I just saw things differently.  You were angry when I said those things to you and then you started crying, saying I was crazy. That I was crazy thinking that if I didn’t exist with you- you wouldn’t be effected. I seriously thought that , that if I didn’t exist in the same realm with you, you wouldn’t be effected so much and if I died, you would have survived because I knew you could. I would have chosen to die first, I would have died and taken your place. You thought I was crazy for not being scared. This was the exact thing, I was thinking, because knowing that I was dying wasn’t the scariest thing. For me, dying first wouldn’t have been an issue but I would have lost my mind, standing there watching you die, I hope you get me this time because now I also understand- I understand, what you were saying.

Dear Reader’s, I am sorry for being emotional…….

P.S.  I know you are still furious.”

My Rating:

4 RoboRating


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