Ashes Trilogy – Ilsa J. Bick

This would be my first zombie book- Yayyyyyy. I don’t know why, I have realized that I haven’t read zombie books, so, I was like lets read one. I was reading Something Strange and Deadly but I haven’t finished it yet so the title of being my first zombie book ever goes to Ashes :P. To be honest half the time while I was reading this book my mouth was open for no valid reasons. I kept asking myself that what I was understanding by reading the words, is that actually happening in the book or am I just thinking that its happening but actually something else is going on- I know its complicated. I have no idea how to express what this book is about, and what it did to me after I finished it, but its epic that is something I can guarantee. That ending, I was searching for my jaw because the story started one way and ended on a completely different note. I am supporting no teams on this one except, Alex obviously, you have to support the girl when you have no one else. This book has its fair share of creepiness and the storylines are great.

Teaser: “They give us to a guy? To go live with him?”

Me: “Oh girl, you are doomed.”

My Rating:

Five RoboRating

I was so shocked by the ending of Ashes, I started reading Shadows as soon as possible and man, this book was a whole lot different with so many POV. The author was making sure my jaw was no where intact where its supposed to be. I was like amazed on how much stuff was happening, the plot grew so intense and the betrayals, the lies, the horrors, I have no where to begin with. The zombies are just something else, like they are not your traditional zombies they are just something else. I can’t describe these zombies. You guys need to read it to understand what I went through. Poor Peter, I so wish you were the lead guy, but you are the supporting actor but man, I am on your ship even when I know, I am surely drowning. Chris, your life is heading no where, and Tom, please stop doing whatever you are doing because you might end up dying yourself, Alex I am sure that Wolf likes you in the most inappropriate ways- you are so dead and the consul -please just go and sleep, just sleep because the amount of troubles you guys have created, I am just amazed by it. Finn needs to shoot himself or someone shoot him for me. The consul guys are so without brains and no logical thinking. Creep factor was on another level, the experimentations going on this book- I am speechless and I need to stop babbling,  guys read this trilogy- and go to crazy town with me because I might stop breathing and I need a reminder that its just a story but a damn good one. I can see the zombies on the cover… I love these covers..

Teaser: “So you see? I’m not keeping you alive, Peter. You are.”

Me: “Just don’t go crazy, live, you need to live.”

My Rating: Five RoboRating


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