Wrap up # 2

I know that I am late with my monthly wrap up but I cant help myself these days… I think I read ten or so books in February  and comparing them to January, I read few books. I am going to start with those I rated with 5 Roboratings and there are going to be books on which I haven’t wrote reviews on but hopefully soon I will.

Starting with the Blood of Eden trilogy, I really enjoyed reading Immortal Rules and Eternity Cure, my love for Traditional Vampires has returned:p

Next, on the list would be Ashes, I have to write the review on this but I loved this book.

Vicious, Vicious I really loved this book. it made my day and that ending was just epic. I am still going crazy about this book, I might reread it. That’s how brilliant it is.

Erased, book 2 of the trilogy and I have to say, this was also as interesting as the first one. thumbs up.

The ones I rated with 4 Roboratings: First on the list is going to be The Way We Fall, thanks to my new interests developed into post apocalyptic world.

Shadow of the Mark is next, I also enjoyed reading this book and considering the trilogy is still going strong, in my opinion.

Born At Midnight, paranormal stuff is happening everywhere in this book and I enjoyed reading it, a lot.

Finally, the ones I rated with 3 Roboratings:  Savor is actually a 3.75 but still I am including it in the 3 raters list.

The Unwritten Rule, I didn’t hate the book so it made my list.

Cruel Beauty, I don’t know how I feel about this one but I was supposed to be in love with it but that didn’t happen:(..


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