Under The Never Sky Trilogy- Veronica Rossi

I know it has been ages since I did a review but that was because I went straight for 2 weeks without reading a single book.  I can’t seem to handle the time adjustments I have to make due to my studies. I recently finished the final book of the trilogy and noting that I read the last two parts within 2 days is interesting. I really enjoyed reading Through The Ever Night and Into The Still Blue. Through The Ever Night wasn’t exactly what I had expected it to be, but that is always great in a book. In this part I came to like the second male lead a lot.  Like I always state that the second book of the Trilogy’s always make or break your heart about the series but in this case I was quite pleased with the story progressions. There were parts where my jaw dropped and Roar and Aria’s friendship took a new turn which was interesting. Perry’s attitude bothered me a little but I had no problem with the loveliness involved. I liked the entry of new characters on a more deeper level and the plot shaped out pretty well. The final book was also captivating and it was fast pace, the last few chapters where the story took complete U-turns didn’t bother me and I was expecting certain deaths so the deaths didn’t annoy me in general. The thing with this trilogy is that this story didn’t burden me into feeling something I should feel. It was intense but still light hearted where I loved how the story progressed but I wasn’t pulling my hair out. Sometime you just need a book which keeps you calm in terms of plot and you aren’t stressed about what would happen next or expect someone to put some sense into characters. The feuds of this part were greatly put and lets not forget the loyal betrayals. In short I loved the series and these books took my 5Roboratings.

Teaser (Through The Ever Night): “Being betrayed by your best-friend…”

Me: “I knew it.”

Teaser (Into The Still Blue) : “You have to! You have to help them! Help me!”

Me: “I can’t, leave me alone….:P”

My Ratings(Both): Five RoboRating


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