Me and Earl and the Dying Girl- Jesse Andrews

I had crazy expectations from this one. I had been planning to read it since ages and finally I did. Greg’s character reminded me of something we all had experienced in high school. Reading about high school just has that Deja Vu feeling. I don’t know how to write a review on Me and Earl and the Dying Girl, because there are some books where you can only understand what the readers felt after reading it yourself. This is certainly one of those. Greg’s character is not really mature but then sometimes those are the people who have an understanding, the general people wont have. Perspectives played and important role because sometimes until or unless we have truly experienced what the other person has been through, we are not able to relate. We have to witness it with our own eyes,that is something Greg learnt. The understanding of something, he taught he understood but he was actually just grazing his thoughts through. Earl’s character reminded me of the British shows Skins and Shameless. After finishing it I felt this- Its exactly like when you feel the wind pass through your fingers leaving behind the remnants of the untold stories.

Teaser: “Greg doesn’t have a crush on you. But he’s worried that you have a crush on him.”


My Ratings: 4 RoboRating




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