Perfect Ruin- Lauren DeStefano

The Internment Chronicles Trilogy

I read this book like three weeks ago, give or take. I was a huge fan of Lauren DeStefano’s book Wither even when I didn’t love The Chemical Garden Trilogy. I remember writing it down that I was reading Perfect Ruin and finally I finished it….Yayyy….  I love her writing style and I love her female characters. I remember clearly how much I loved the way Rhine was in Wither, her reactions, her thinking, I was head over heels. Even when the world, she writes down is impossible to imagine , at the end her characters seem relatable. I can always picture myself making the same choices. I enjoyed reading how Morgan saw things. The storyline were great and it was different and in a good way. Living in the skies just sounds brilliant, I am imagining looking down, towards the ground and finding puffs of clouds. I liked the whole world she has created and it didn’t remind me any thing I had read before. Yes, it has that revolution thing going on but still its different. That is certainly something I look for while reading books. I wasn’t expecting the story to lead, where it lead and it was interesting. I am excited for the next part because that ending was like OMG- I want to know more. I have a feeling that the Prince is our second hero but I am usually wrong with those things. I don’t hold anything against Thomas but our lovers have that traditional love story vibe going on.

Teaser: “Being betrothed to me has made you lose your mind,”

Me: “I want another hero.”

My Ratings:

4 RoboRating







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