Starters – Lissa Price

When I started reading  Starters, I had no idea what I was getting myself involved with. After reading a few chapters it reminded me of the T.V series Doll House and Ringer. Keeping in mind both series have been cancelled, I kept reading it without switching onto some other series. I am not in love with the book but if you have started reading its okay to finish it. That’s why the rating is a 3. We have many betrayals happening and the story has a lot of twists and turns yet I wasn’t crazy about the characters. The love lines were too blunt for me, like everything happened too quickly and one second you were on one aspect of the story and the next you are reading that you were supporting the wrong guy. It was a bit confusing and maybe a little to glamorous. Its like in my mind, I haven’t clearly imagined what type of environment I am reading about. There are a zillion details but still those details were a little too vague.  I couldn’t relate to our lead, and the sibling factors always annoy me now. So, I had crazy expectation about this book, because in my mind I wasn’t able to paint what I would read about, its intriguing.  In my situation even after reading it, I am heading towards a zone I don’t really know about. I am planning to read the final Book which is Enders and hoping sincerely that my unanswered feelings are answered. Yes, the cover is creepy, if after a make over I look like that, I would scream.

Teaser: ” Don’t worry. This is a mutually beneficial situation here. We need you as much as you need us. Now let’s go see what you can do.”

Me: “Certainly.”

My Ratings:

3 RoboRating




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