The Syrena Legacy – Anna Banks

  So, I was like dead tired but hell motivated to read. I couldn’t write posts because I had read like nothing, apart from the required education :p… I was pretty damn excited because this would be my first official mermaid trilogy, yayyy…Spoilers!!!!!!! I am going to start with Of Poseidon,  I found the story light hearted and funny. Like I could read it without excessively imaging things even when mermaids were involved :P.. The story took such outrageous turns I was like amazed. Every time I thought finally things are going to make sense and everything would fall back to its place- I was reminded that I was wrong. Half of the time the guy is like, is she like me or is she not?  Lets do a test and we can find whether its true.. and guys, sharks are involved. The love story is like,  watching Vampire Diaries  meets ocean with less vampires. Our lead Elena is bonded to Stefan because they are  supposed to be soul mates and to be married  but she is desperately in love with Damon and she can’t help it, with no vampire because we have Sharks!!!!! Its not a big book or anything you can read it within three to four hours- depending on the reading speed.


“I tried Chloe. But he wouldn’t tell me, so I tackled him.”

  Of Triton, when I started reading it I thought that the story couldn’t take more absurd turns and yet again, I was wrong. Like OMG, the story is ridiculously funny but still I like it, even when it was absurd beyond the realms of this earth. I liked reading it and I am planning to read the next part. As I explained the love story earlier, after reading the second part, I realized  that things were totally different so, I will explain it again. Its like this- Stefan and Katrina are bonded together, they love each other but they fight a lot and accidently Katrina kills Stefan and  thinks that Stefan died because explosions in the ocean are involved, so, she leaves the mermaid world and goes to the land. Where she finds Matt and accidently has a child, that child is named Elena and is not a doppelganger of her mother but when Elena grows up and  she meets Damon, she falls in love with him but the tradition states that Katrina is supposed to be Damon’s bride because Stefan eloped to Caroline. It will make sense when you read the books, I promise…:D


“You’ve done the right thing, Toraf . You are not as foolish as I thought.”

My Ratings(Both): 4 RoboRating



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