Toxic Heart – Theo Lawrence

I remember writing in my review of Mystic City, that I took a year to read the first part of this duology. Plus, I also remember stating that half of the characters of Mystic City were abnormal-believe me, they don’t have brains, zombies would hate to eat such humans :p . I still stand by that statement and assure you that after reading Toxic Heart, I still believe these characters are crazy. Like I knew, that I liked the world filled with mystics and mysterious powers but seriously!!!! When I was reading the ending, I honestly thought that he is going to write a trilogy. Right now, I have no idea whether he would, but that ending is making me wonder a lot of things. Spoilers…. So, did I like the way Hunter was acting- hell no, as I also figured after reading the synopsis – that Hunter is going to be the most abnormal one, this time around. I think that the story was kind of abrupt this time and that ending was definitely abrupt. I am glad that Aria didn’t let a guy define her but still I feel  like she took a long time to take things into her hands. On the romance side, I was just confused, does she love Hunter or is she having mixed feeling about him because it certainly felt like if she ended up drunk, she might actually go with Turk! :O  the drunk choices are sometimes accurate. Like I am just plainly confused because in Mystic City, I was sure that our second hero was someone else. The thing is when I was reading it, I liked it, I kept reading it because that’s what matters, you wanting to know more but now I am just stuck. Its such an open ending I am just like WHATTTT  T_T …. and like seriously…after everything you want me to be like cool about the ending you wrote? Like honestly!!!! the thing is that I can’t even write a review because if I do, I am practically spilling everything out. I liked it and then I didn’t, its pure I love to hate you feeling – I just don’t know anymore. Things were obvious but then I was reading a book after a such a long time and I knew that I was excited about this one, still, that ending is plain bland. Like I thought, I would get my hands on the third sometime soon ,so, I rated it like 4 because its sort of a cliff hanger. We don’t know about people dying or surviving, we don’t know who’s ending up with the girl and everything else and then they want me to think it a duology. I am just pffftfttt!!! I don’t care anymore……..


   “Goodbye Aria…”

Me: “Seriously!!!!!”

My Rating:4 RoboRating



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