Sea of Shadows – Kelley Armstrong

I read the Sea of Shadows from the Age of Legends trilogy, this would be my first Kelley Armstrong book. Seriously, this cover is so pretty. I really liked the way she has written it, keeping the readers (me) interested till the end. Spoilers……..When I read the first page,I had a feeling that it was a high fantasy novel but it turned out it actually was :P. I liked the plot as well and it was just the right amount of mysterious for me-who doesn’t love a dark forest with crazy magical beings lurking around. Like honestly, when I read high fantasy novels, I feel like I am not keeping up with the characters. It’s just in my head but still. I did like the creatures introduced, and the romance is not the first priority, which is awesome because sometimes on other occasions the love lines feel abrupt. I like both sisters, like one might end up supporting one but I think I liked them both. Also love the change of POV factor which always keeps things interesting. Like the betrayals were just crazy awesome and lets not forget our two guys. It’s a great love square.Overall, I had fun reading it and it wasn’t burdensome. I am excited for the next part.

Teaser: “You let them kill my village. Kill your comrades. Kill my Father.”

Me: “You are so dead.”

My Ratings: 4 RoboRating


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