172 Hours on the Moon – Johan Harstad

I really loved 172 Hours on the Moon, its one of my favorites and OMG I adore this one. Spoilers….. The title pretty much told me this- lets go to the moon, stay for 172 hours.  Lets make a catastrophic mistake and then let the world rant about it.  I am positive everything would fall apart, but lets take that risk and send teenagers along as well. There were scenes which made my jaw drop and I found myself being stuck staring at those pages and hyperventilating. It’s like one of those books, where you know that in the next moment something expected is going to happen –  but when it does and it actually does, you are like WTF!!!!Like on scary meter, this book scared the hell out of me. Like being on the Moon and stranded is one thing, but knowing that you are going to die just takes it to the other level. The tagline on the front cover is just brilliant. I am like obsessed right now, I visualized if I would want to go to moon and like Mia, I hate the idea. Like what am I supposed to do on the moon? Enjoy the view? For one thing,  but apart from that – I got great views on earth as well.  I totally understood where Mia was coming from- forgive me, if I am not into what the whole world feels about. Midori was also an interesting character and loved her attachment to those urban myths. Like you guys would understand what I am talking about once you read it. I think the plot is fast pace and the placement is just great. I love the parts where they showed photographs and everything. It feels like you are on the moon, walking with these characters and you are dazed, speechless. . So guys just read it, awesomeness guaranteed.

Teaser: ” You are the three luckiest people on this planet.”

Me:” Yeah, just lie to their faces. Who cares about them anyways!!!!”

My Ratings:

Five RoboRating


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