Sky Fall Trilogy- Shannon Messenger

The first book of the trilogy – Let The Sky Fall.  Spoilers…..I enjoyed reading it because it does have a guy POV, and honestly, I like guy POV’s a lot more. I enjoyed the idea of reading about windwalkers. Elemental related books always keep me interested because such plots have so much to offer on basis of pure imagination. I really liked the concept of moving around as wind and then taking human forms for a certain time being. Vane is suffering from that illness – where he knows he is love with the girl he dreams about, and just can’t get it right with regular girls…tsk tsk. I think plot wise betrayals were there but mainly unintentionally, I believe,  it was focusing on the love line more. I enjoyed reading from Vane’s perspective and Audra is interesting as a character as well. The moment Audra tells Vane that he is not a human, and his reaction to everything was quite believable. I get it when the world wants you to be serious, you might see something funny and just laugh your heads off. Character history wise, Audra’s life is completely miserable- continuously being reminded about your mistakes can either make you or break you. I was waiting for the moment when she would recover from that guilt and realize that other factors play much more important role. I didn’t like her mother from the get go, like sometimes how mother’s behave in certain stories just amazes me.

Teaser:” She’s just……Someone from my past.”


My Rating: 3 RoboRating

The moment I stopped reading the first part, I started reading – Let the Storm Break. I think I liked this one more because the characters evolved on a much better pace. I liked Solana and considering the fact that in my head, I thought she would be annoying as hell, she proved to be completely different. Vane can be funny even when the situation is completely different. He just ends up being in his own love bubble and it’s funny how he prioritizes things. Plus, I wanted a love square and Vane gets to choose, I want Audra to choose as well.  I get the fact they chose each other but still it seems a bit too traditional to me. That final fight scene was great and sorry to say I am so not intrigued by Raidan. Like the whole world’s suppose to be afraid of him-The Voldemort syndrome but still as a villain he fails to inspire. I am someone who always supports the villain’s, against all odds but in his case – I am so glad to be on the right team.  I feel like I would just slip out all the details , so, I am going to stop now. I don’t know how I feel about the covers, I like them one second and the next I am totally hating it.

Teaser:”So it’s your Highness now.”

Me:” Royals are back.”

My Rating:

4 RoboRating




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