Tandem- Anna Jarzab

Tandem from the Many-Worlds Trilogy by Anna Jarzab. Spoilers….. I don’t understand how I end up reading novels involving doubles. Like half the time these days, the books I have read involve the twins phenomenon, doppelgangers etc.  Not that I am against them, its like in a week, I read three books of that plot and now my mind is not operating. I loved the Twins of Sea of Shadows by Kelley Armstrong but I didn’t like the doubles of Tandem-Someone needs to put sense into Juliana. I am into the whole idea of a separate universe with same individuals and different destiny concept. I believe writing a review on this one would make me spill all the details, but seriously getting kidnapped on your prom by your freaking date-its hilarious, the matter is serious but still its funny. So, I would talk about the romance instead of the plot. Like I understand where Sasha is coming from but still it’s confusing, I feel like she likes Prince Callum as much as she likes Thomas. Which is sad considering she won’t end up with them. Long distance relationships never work and over here we our talking about a different planet. It was an easy read and I think the details involving Tandem were explained in a good way and I have a thing with Time Travel so, obviously I liked it a lot.

Teaser: “I can’t. I wish I was better, but I am not.”

Me:” Try to be, you need to try first…. :O.”

My Rating:

4 RoboRating



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