The Wicked We Have Done – Sarah Harian

I recently read, The Wicked We Have Done from the Chaos Theory Duology by Sarah Harian. I thought the book would be about witches but it’s not. Spoilers.. The world she has created reminded me of two worlds combined together- Death Race and The Hunger Games. I am not saying that it’s copying the plot or anything its just that the dystopian world is similar. I really liked the plot of determining through machines whether people were truly wicked or it was the situation that made them evil. While writing that line, I knew the system had a problem. How can something measure your insanity or your capacity to hurt someone. It cannot, humans are the most unpredictable creatures and reading about the world that thinks differently was an interesting introspect. The tests were intense and following your trigger object and in turn ending up dead is just crazy.  On the romance side, I wasn’t effected by the couple, like I don’t think the love story was forced or anything but still I am not into the couple. I like the girl a lot, like looking at her personality and individuality, even our lead guy but them together – something’s not right. Otherwise, looking at the plot speed etc ,I liked it a lot.  I won’t say more because I might end up spilling everything.  A Vault of Sins is expected to be published in September – I thought I had to wait a year because this was released in March, but I guess, now I won’t :P.

Teaser: ” Evalyn Ibarra,prisoner number 39286,female number five in Compass Room C. Accounted for.”

Me: “Mental Note: It’s a prison story…”

My Rating:

Five RoboRating


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