False Memory – Dan Krokos

I read this book last week, When I started reading False Memory , I was in love with it. The first few chapters were making me go crazy, and I was all about how brilliant the plot is. Somewhere along, in the middle I was so not enjoying the plot. I think it had a lot to do with the twin – doppelganger factor crisis I am facing these days. Like in my head, Shakira’s song – Did It Again was repeating. In the middle, I was like this is a mixture of four books I read recently, which made my head spin. Then in the end I was like, no ,  this is a good book, and then I was lost again. So, I ended up liking it. Just liking it, plus the girl character didn’t inspire me, I wasn’t into the romance- sadly, and I was supporting the evil team- yayy me. I had problems with visualizing the whole situations. It was action packed but then why didn’t I love it? I am not sure anymore. The thing is, that I am reading the next book so, that means something. The tagline is interesting- “Remember Who You Are.” I know this review is confusing, but I am confused as well.

Teaser: ” Noah was always yours. I never got in the way of that, and neither did Peter.”

Me: “There you go a Love square in the air.”

My Rating:3 RoboRating





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