Fire & Flood – Victoria Scott

When I started reading Fire & Flood, I didn’t enjoy the first chapter ,so, I stopped reading it. I waited for a month, and then I decided to complete it , while, I was going on a trip. It reminded me of the movie The Box in the beginning but when the real games started to happen, I was  in love with the plot. Like, for once I wasn’t thinking – it’s reminding me of Hunger Games or Divergent. I loved the Egg, it reminded me of the eggs in Harry Potter and everyone loves the Harry Potter books, like they are amazing and I was just going  crazy falling in love with Egg, I love Madox. I really liked the idea of Pandora’s and it was really cool. The timing, the pace at which the story develops is just perfect.I enjoyed reading it and I am so excited for the next book. Like, the plot is crazy twisted and you will just love it, its pretty amazing. The thing is that even if I continue, I am just going to end up saying how much I loved it, so ,I am going to stop now.

Teaser: “That is, like, the best way for my finger  to go.”

Me: ” Seriously!”

My Rating:4 RoboRating




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