Splintered – A. G. Howard

Honestly, Alice in Wonderland doesn’t inspire me, till this day I wonder why? I am into Sleeping beauty and Beauty and the Beast but why not Alice? So when I started reading Splintered, I was hell confused. The girl can talk to insects which is amazing in a weird cool way. Look at that cover, its so pretty, like I love it. I loved Alyssa and the plot. I am supporting Team Morpheus, sorry Jeb, but  you took forever to confess, and I think Morpheus deserves her.  Morpheus reminds me of Cole in Everneath and he dies, even tough he was perfect, I hate Everneath’s ending and I know, we are talking about Splintered here but Whyyyyy???? So if Morpheus isn’t the guy the girl is ending up with, I might go crazy. So, Splintered is pretty awesome and I decided to like Alice. Which means the author fulfilled the purpose of the Retelling, making me like the original girl…Woohhhooooo. Excited about Unhinged and I might read it real soon.

Teaser: ” Right now he belongs to someone else.”

Me: “He belongs to you.”

My Rating:4 RoboRating



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