Animal Farm – George Orwell

It’ been a long time since I did a review, I didn’t actually have the time to read- unfortunately. Recently I read Animal Farm, and if you guys have read my previous reviews, this author makes me lose my mind-in a good way. I really enjoyed reading Animal Farm, it brings out the political truth in such an interesting way. The idea and its execution is perfect. Such type of books make you want to read classics. The characters involved are showing such versatile personalities and it is not monotonous in any way. The author did a great job in high lightening the injustices that happen in name for a greater good. It creates a perspective that is essential to understand power. The harsh truth that power eventually turns you into someone you were never meant to be-it creates a split personality where all you want is power. I think the author did a brilliant job in explaining the truth we all fail to see, but he has explained it simply. It creates an understanding that actually how much vital the concept of equality is, because without is all is lost. All the grand intentions for a greater good vanished in the murky waters of the society. The phenomenon that the society segregates its individuals and those in power enjoy the hard work of others, without actually struggling. It brings you to realize that being entitled to an opinion and actually knowing what is happening in your surroundings is essential for your survival. The survival which is meant to protect you from the changing seasons.

Teaser: “All animals are Equal.”

My Ratings:Five RoboRating





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