Monsters – Ilsa J.Bick (Ashes Trilogy)

Finally, I completed the Ashes Trilogy. Monsters was as interesting as the first two. If you guys had read my previous reviews for the first two books, you guys know how much in love I was with the trilogy. I was dying to finish it, and I must say the author fails to disappoint me. The plot is perfect and the pacing is awesome. I love the switching POV, which creates intense tension and you just cant stop reading. My favorite character in this one would be Wolf, I really can’t help it. Peter’s character held huge significance to me in the second book, and yes, he totally lost it in this book. Alex was just a great protagonist, I think she encompassed the characteristics essential for the survival, she wasn’t afraid which is brilliant. I think,over all, the trilogy finale was interesting but seriously, that open ending is leaving me confused – considering the romance drama, who did Alex end up with? Maybe I want another book, just to clarify that what I am assuming is correct or something else happened:p.  The trilogy is amazing, I really loved my zombie’s and the whole gist of it. Read the trilogy, I am not leaving any other spoilers, but it was the perfect zombie trilogy for me.

Teaser: “No one can help but stare at the monster, because horror is a cousin to awe.”

Me: *faints*

My Ratings:Five RoboRating



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