One- LeighAnn Kopans

I know, I haven’t done a review and it’s been quite a while. I was busy with exams and others things and didn’t even have time to read anything. I read One quite recently, and considering the fact that I have read a lot of elemental books, I think this one slightly failed to impress me. I kept wanting to read this duology,  and unfortunately I didn’t find myself going crazy over the plot. Maybe, because I have read a lot of elemental series this year , and the fact that the plot kept reminding me of something I had already read before was a bit painful. I don’t think that character wise anyone inspired me on a level where I could relate to them. Like, I am all about girl power but the lead protagonist- Merrin just wasn’t the One. I think the love factor was a bit rushed where it felt a bit of a burden, on the other hand, the scientific mesh of the plot was a great idea. It was a quick read but sometimes for me the plot went a little slow –  I think it was just for me.  Over all, after finishing the book it felt okay. I really loved the start  but somewhere along the middle I was just confused. I am still wondering why it happened but I believe that because of the extreme elemental books – I have on my read book shelf, this one failed to leave its mark the way I wanted it to. I do plan on reading the next part so that’s great.

Teaser: “So she completes you? You’ve gone all soft man.”


My Rating: 3 RoboRating




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