The One- Kiera Cass

I remember I did a review for Selection and Elite, and I liked them both equally except a few characters. The final book of the series- The One was interesting, the thing about this trilogy is that I don’t think about the plot a lot, I just read it. Like, I was thinking that I would be left disappointed with everyone but it was good. I don’t like Aspen and I never will, and I was a supporter of Team Maxon ,so, the plot ended in my favor.  I know that was a huge spoiler but in reality you could see it coming from miles away-lol. I think the side characters are a bit more interesting than the leads. I have no issues with America’s character but sometimes, I just don’t like her reactions to certain things. Like you like her enough to hate her. I didn’t hate her in the first two but in this one I was enjoying the idea of hating her. considering the plot,  there were a few revelations here and there but it is mostly about the love triangle. I think that the castes were really highlighted in the books but in the end they didn’t effect that much- in my head.  Over all, the ending of the trilogy was nicely done. I don’t have anything else to say , because I think this series is one of those where people are just crazy about the characters and in the other spectrum they are not. It is a beloved trilogy, I know that because I have seen people falling in love with the characters. Plus, the cover is really pretty.

Teaser:”It’s not. There are bigger things than love.”

Me: “Exactly.”

My Ratings: 4 RoboRating



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