The Forever Song- Julie Kagawa

The Forever Song–  the final book of the Blood of Eden Trilogy didn’t fail to impress me. I was waiting for this books release and I had my fingers crossed. I was a supporter of Team Kanin, I don’t hate Zeke but still, if I had to choose between a vampire master and a human, I obviously picked the wrong one :p. I was hoping that Allison might end up with Kanin but she didn’t :(.  I am right now literally confused on how to write a review on this one, cause its like step by step I would be unravelling the whole plot. I don’t want to do that, so, I will be vague. We got to see a couple of transformations which were important for understanding how the characters were triggered. I liked that the book was divided into parts which gives a certain mysterious feeling and I loved it since the first book. I really like Allison’s character because she seems to know what she wants and how she’s going to get it. She is not a confused soul where she gets effected by her surroundings, she’s badass and like the fight scenes of this trilogy were really great- just visualizing it is amazing. I wasn’t expecting the ending to be that, in my mind someone else was dying and in the end that someone wasn’t dead :D, someone else died ,so, I was kind of broken hearted over that but,  I think it was a great way to end the trilogy and it was an interesting trilogy. Considering, how much the characters evolved and understood their internal feelings was interesting in its own way.

Teaser:”You owe me, vampire girl. Let me end it, tonight. No more pain, no more grief, no more senseless, bloody deaths. I promise, you won’t feel a thing. And you can take your evil from the world for good.”

Me: “Oh God!”

My Rating:

Five RoboRating




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